Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are 50 Hours or Less guides right for me?

A. Our guides are ideal for you if:

  • You are a busy student or professional who wants an efficient way to get a good score, fast.
  • you are a prospective test taker who has plenty of time but wants to jump-start your studies by getting the most possible out of the first 50 hours.
  • You are someone who likes added structure for your studies or just don't know where to start.
  • You don't know which study book(s) to chose or how best to use them.
  • You who would normally seek test-taking advice from a tutor on subjects like exam strategy or the most important content to focus on learning.
  • You have already begun your studies but feel like you can't improve further.

Q. Every company seems to think that their product is right for everyone: Who should NOT buy this guide?

A. If you are unmotivated then this guide is not for you. If you have arrived at this website looking for some magical easy way out, we are sorry to disappoint.

Think of our guides like a fitness program crafted by a personal trainer. The trainer is sure that the program works and will in fact get you in shape for the event you are preparing for, but it will only work if you follow the plan and put in the effort. 

The personal trainer tells you the best exercises, teaches proper form, and gives you general health and wellness tips: Our guides tell you the best exercises, describe how to approach different sections and question types, and give exam specific strategy and testing tips.

Q. I plan to study more than 50 hours for my exam, can I still use your guide?

A. Of Course. The structured study plan contained within each guide lays out how to spend up to 50 hours of study and should get you close to your full potential score. If you have the time to dedicate to more studies to make further improvements to your score then by all means do that. The tips, tricks, and tools contained within each guide can be valuable to every test taker regardless of how long you plan to study.

Q. Your guide titles are for scores much higher than the top quartile guarantee, what gives?

A. Our guide titles are based on the achievements of the guide author. They are intended to show what is possible in 50 Hours or Less with our guides. While we cannot guarantee that all of our customer's will achieve 95th percentile + scores, they are possible in 50 Hours or Less with our guides.

Q. How does your performance guarantee work?

A. If you complete one of our study guides and do not score in the top quartile (top 25%) on the overall exam score you are eligible for a refund.

You may be asked to provide us with proof of your exam score, your identity (it should be the same as the purchaser unless you notify us of a different test taker at time of purchase), and completion of the study program (practice exam scores etc.)

Q. Are 50 Hours or Less guides study books?

A. No. 50 Hours or Less guides provide you with a self-study plan, test strategy tips, and advice on the best study books/materials to prepare with. The guides do not contain practice tests or practice problems.