When Should You Take The GMAT

Whether you are just considering an MBA or are set on one, you likely have thought about taking the GMAT. The question you usually have after that thought is "when should I take the GMAT?"

Take The GMAT Now

Take the GMAT now. Going ahead and getting it out of the way will only benefit you.

Some of the benefits of taking the GMAT early include:

  • Having one less thing to do on you MBA applications
  • Being able to pick realistic target schools
  • Having time to re-take the GMAT if you need to

Specific Timing

If you are a student or recent graduate count yourself lucky. GMAT scores are good for five years so taking the test when you have tons of free time around either a holiday break or summer break can work out perfectly and help you avoid a huge headache down the road.

It is also nice to point out that having your GMAT score can help you to plan and decide whether you want to pursue an MBA in the first place.

If you are a working professional I would try to find a week, or at the very least an extended weekend where you can take off before your exam date. Clearing your mind and only focusing on the GMAT for multiple days in a row can make a huge difference in score. For an intensive and effective study plan, check out my guide, containing the plan I used to score a 780.

Taking The GMAT Early Helps You Pick Schools

One of the largest benefits for taking the GMAT early is the amount that it can help you pick schools. 

Imagine waiting until the last minute to take the GMAT. You will have already selected the schools you will apply to and could get a score that might give you a shot at an even better school, or you could underperform and with that you had chooses a more realistic safety school.

Once you have your GMAT score you can look up the average GMAT scores of all your target schools to gauge your chances and decide whether you would like to retake the exam or just keep your first score.

Avoid Undue Stress

Go ahead and get the GMAT out of the way, even if you aren't 100% sure that you want to pursue an MBA. You will thank yourself later and who knows, you may just end up crushing it.