The First Thing You Should Study For The GMAT

Many times in my first meeting with a new client as a tutor I would get the question: "What should I study first?" Most people choose the wrong thing.

What should you study? The AWA, integrated reasoning, quant, or verbal? I would actually say none of the above.

First, Study The GMAT Itself

What do I mean by studying the GMAT itself? I mean learn everything you can about the GMAT. It is going to make your studying a lot more productive if you first find out things like what the GMAT is supposed to test, How the GMAT is Scored, and which sections are the most important.

This sort of research should also lead you to study the different question types found within the GMAT and how to approach each type. You will also hopefully read up on how long you have to complete each section and how best to handle the time management aspect of the exam.

Second, Study Content

Once you understand the format of the exam, you are ready to start preparing for the content that the exam will test. For this you will likely have to review a number of math and English topics that you may not have seen since high school. The best way to approach this portion of your studies is by using a study plan. If you are interested in the study plan I used to score a 780 on the GMAT, check out my study guide.

So what are you waiting for? Now you are ready to begin studying for the GMAT.