The Best GMAT Practice Tests

When it comes to preparing for the GMAT, almost everyone includes practice tests in their study plan. Practice tests are crucial for getting an idea of where you stand in your current abilities for the test. Almost every test preparation company out there offers to sell you practice tests or includes them with the purchase of a study book. The real question is, which is the best resource for GMAT practice tests.

GMAT Official Prep (GMAT Prep)

The single best place for practice exams is the GMAT Prep software (recently re-branded GMAT Official Prep). This software has almost everything going for it.

For starters, the software is free to download (you can find it here). The free download includes 90 practice problems and two full practice exams. You can purchase four additional exams bringing the total offering up to six practice exams, which should be more than enough.

While having free offerings is nice, the real reason that the GMAT Prep software has the best practice tests is that they are written by the same people who write the actual GMAT exam. You will not find a more accurate simulation of the test you are preparing to take.

The practice tests are fully adaptive, and if you decide to purchase an additional set of practice tests they will also upgrade your post-test analytics. The post test analytics allow you to get a good idea of what types of problems you struggle on with regards to both accuracy and time management.

If you don't already have a study plan or would like to use the same plan that I used to score a 780 on the GMAT with just 45 hours of studying you can check that out here.