Should You Re-Take The GMAT?

So you've made it through the GMAT, congratulations. Now that you have completed the test and have a score, you have to decide if you are going to re-take the test. As you ponder that questions here are some things to help you determine whether you should retake the GMAT or not.

The Score You Got

The first and most obvious factor determining whether you should retake the test or not is going to be the score you got. If you got a terrible score then you will need to re-take the exam unless you are only taking the GMAT to fulfill a program requirement and have already been accepted.

MBA programs, especially top programs, care a lot about GMAT scores. A 50 point improvement on the GMAT can drastically change your odds of getting in.

If you scored lower on the real exam than your practice exams that could be a sign that you have the ability to get a higher score and should consider a re-take. 

Your Target Schools

Once you have your score you need to take a good honest look at your target schools. If your score is within or above the typical GMAT range accepted by your target schools then great. If this is not the case then you have two choices: add more realistic schools to your target list or retake the GMAT.

How Much Time You Have

Depending on the testing schedule in your area you may have to wait before you are able to find an available slot in a GMAT testing center. You also need to consider your application deadline and the other materials that you need to focus on to have a strong application.

If You Chose To Re-Take The GMAT

If you are set on re-taking the GMAT consider following the study plan that I used to get a 780 on the GMAT with just 45 hours of studying.

The guide has allowed people to improve their GMAT scores into the top ranks. Anyone who uses it and does not score at least a 650 is entitled to a full refund.