Getting a 780 GMAT and Everything After


GMAT Official Score


When I walked out of the testing room and received my GMAT score I was ecstatic. Every test-taker's nightmare is working hard to prepare for a big exam only to botch it. Nearly as bad is the feeling you get from achieving a lower score than your did on your practice runs. This was my first and only attempt at the official GMAT exam and was also my top score.

While the score is great, the close friends I talked to who also had plans to take the GMAT all seemed to circle back around to the same questions: "Did you take a class?" "What materials did you use?" and the most common question of all "how long did you study?!"

I went back over my studies from the month before the exam and after adding up the content review, problem sets, and the practice tests I had my total: I studied roughly 45 hours total for the GMAT. 

Prior to taking the exam I didn't know that the recommended study time for the GMAT (from the big test preparation companies) was 120+ hours. My friends told me stories about people they knew who had studied absurd amounts: 150, 200, 250 hours. I couldn't help but wonder how they spent that time. When it comes to test preparation the law of diminishing returns is hard at work.

Flashback to roughly one month before the test and I had just committed to the idea that I wanted to take the GMAT and scheduled my exam. I went to my local Barnes and Noble, perused the different study materials for the GMAT and picked up Barron's GMAT which turned out to be a great resource for refreshing myself on the content covered by the GMAT.

Over the next few weeks I refreshed myself on all of the topics covered on the GMAT and took several practice tests on the GMAT prep software. All-in-all, with tests, content review, and practice problems I put in 45 hours of study time before my real exam. My hour by hour study plan can be found in my GMAT study guide.

A few months after I took the GMAT I continued my involvement with the test by becoming a GMAT tutor. Through Varsity Tutors I was connected with clients all around the world.

I realized that I enjoyed tutoring and helping people reach their goals a lot, and apparently my clients enjoyed working with me too.


 After a number of positive experiences I realized that I wanted to do more, but did not have enough time in the day to help everyone succeed on the GMAT as a tutor. I decided I would write a study guide. This way anyone who wanted to learn my GMAT study strategy and advice could do so for a fraction of the cost of a tutoring package.

Months after deciding to write the guide I finally completed it. People all over the world are now able to get all of my best GMAT advice in one place.

My GMAT journey is not over though. I still offer private tutoring on a limited basis. To inquire about my tutoring availability and rates reach out to you can also find a qualified tutor for any subject on Varsity Tutors.

Lastly, as a thank you for taking the time to read about my GMAT journey I would like to offer you $20 off my guide. Just use discount code GMATjourney at check out.