How Long You Should Study For The GMAT

For prospective test-takers, recommended GMAT study time is a point of interest. After all, people want to know what they are getting into before they commit. So how much study time do you need for the GMAT?

Study Time Is Person Specific

Not everyone is starting from the same place when they begin studying for the GMAT. A current student who has taken math and English classes recently will likely need less study time then someone who has been out of school for a decade.

200 Hours Is Overdoing It

While I believe that everyone who studies hundreds of hours has good intentions (they just want to get a good score), they are overdoing it. Usually, when someone has spent that much time studying they did not create an efficient study plan. You can take 20 practice tests, but If you do not know how to improve from the results, you are wasting your time.

You Can Prepare For The GMAT in 50 Hours or Less

The GMAT can be conquered with fewer than 50 hours of study time. I personally studied a total of 45 hours for the GMAT and scored a 780. What differentiated my studies from a lot of others was the fact that each of my 45 hours of study had a purpose. My performance improvement on sections and problem types was rapid due to focused study, and each practice test was scrutinized.

Study Until You Feel Ready

Ultimately, you should study until you are able to walk into the test room with confidence that you are going to crush the GMAT. If you want to know how to get there in 50 hours or less, or just want to make sure that your first 50 hours of studying are fruitful, check out my guide for acing the GMAT.