Improve Your GMAT Time Management

While learning the necessary content is crucial for success on the GMAT, time management may be just as important.

The GMAT is a test that penalizes test-takers heavily for not completing all of the questions in a given section.

Applying Concepts Correctly AND Quickly

If you want to ace the GMAT you will not only have to be able to answer questions correctly, but also quickly. 

The best thing you can do to improve your time management early on in your studying is memorize the most important rules and concepts on the GMAT. If you want to know exactly what you should memorize you can find that information in my GMAT guide.

How To Practice Time Management On The GMAT

Whenever you take practice tests or complete practice problem sets you should time yourself. This way you will not only be tracking accuracy but also speed.

One easy way to cut down on time is not to second guess your answer choices. We have all had the experience of changing a correct answer to a wrong one and that not only hurts your accuracy but also hurts your time management. Once you have studied the concepts you should have confidence in your first answer choice and move to the next question.

Trading Time

One common time management strategy that I see used is the idea of "trading time." What I mean by that is finding a type of question that you are good at and answering those extremely quickly. By answering some questions quickly you afford yourself more time to focus on the questions that take you longer. This is something that each test-taker must figure out for themselves.

I hope that you now have some good ideas and tactics to try for improving your own time management skills on the GMAT.