Do I need a GMAT Tutor? A GMAT Tutor's Answer

Whether you are just starting to study for the GMAT or have been studying for awhile and want to bump your score up a few more points you may have asked yourself whether or not you need a GMAT tutor.

Do I Need a GMAT Tutor?

The answer to this question is going to be person and situation specific, however, as a GMAT tutor one of the worst things is feeling like a tutoring session was a waste of time and money on the part of the client.

 If You Are Just Starting, Hold Off On Tutoring

You might not expect to hear this from someone who makes part of his living by tutoring people for the GMAT but if you are not very far into your studying you should not spend money on a tutor.

At the beginning of your studies you should focus on understanding how the GMAT is scored, finding the right GMAT study materials, and reviewing all of the content that you will need to know to succeed on the test.

While a tutor can offer help with these things, it would not be a very good use of money when you could purchase a comprehensive study guide that guides you through all of these aspects in a self-directed manner.

If You Have Taken A Practice Test(s) and Know Your Areas of Weakness, You May Want A Tutor

Once you have taken a few practice exams and have a backlog of different practice problems that are confusing to you, a GMAT tutor may be able to accelerate your improvement.

When I tutor clients the most growth comes from understanding how the client thinks about different questions. If you are struggling with a specific problem type a good GMAT tutor should be able to help you improve by suggesting different approaches and study tactics.

I include approaches and study tactics for difficult question types in my GMAT study guide for those who do not want to pay for tutoring or want a more efficient way to study.

If you are at the point in your studies where you need to improve on specific question types and want to hire a tutor feel free to reach out to me directly by emailing or head over to Varsity Tutors to quickly get matched with a qualified tutor.

It Is Ultimately a Personal Choice

Take stock of your current situation. There are tons of great GMAT resources out there. If you prefer the help of a tutor then use one. Tutors can help you to see problems in different ways and can hold you accountable if you have trouble sticking to your study plans. 

If you work well on your own then you should be able to get a great GMAT score without a tutor by following a solid study plan.